The Divine is a cleric-class hero from the Wrath of the Elements set.

Divine Healer (Level 1)Edit

Divine Healer
The Healer has a Physical Attack +1, and can destroy a Disease to draw a card as either a Dungeon: or Village: ability.

Divine Chaplain (Level 2)Edit

Divine Chaplain
The Chaplain has a Physical Attack of +2. It gains Physical Attack +1 for each Disease or Monster card you reveal. In either the Village or the Dungeon, you can use the Chaplain to draw one card.

Divine Prophet (Level 3)Edit

The Prophet has a Physical Attack +3. In either the Village or the Dungeon you can destroy 1 Disease to draw 2 cards; additionally, you can draw 2 cards for each Monster revealed in your hand. It is worth 2 Victory Points.

Rulings and ErrataEdit

Currently, this card does not work with Regulars.

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